About Us

IMS believes that infrastructure budgets should always be supported by expert analysis and the most reliable, objective data. This core belief has led us on a 30 year journey throughout North America with the most talented engineers, technicians, and analysts in the pavement management field. If you are looking to manage your roads, sidewalks, or right-of-way assets, IMS will steer you in the right direction. 

Our Track Record

IMS has completed more than 600 pavement management projects and right-of-way asset management assignments for government agencies and private-sector companies throughout the United States.

  • Completed projects for over 600 city and county agencies, 22 large-scale public works departments, and 9 state agencies and transportation authorities.
  • Collected data for more than 15 different software platforms, ranging from our own proprietary Easy Street Analysis (ESA) system to 3rd party programs including: AgileAssets Pavement Express; Lucity; StreetLogix; Deighton’s dTIMS; Hansen’s Street Module; Cartegraph (CarteGraph’s PAVEMENTview, CarteGraphs’s SIGNALview and CarteGraphs’s SIGNview); MTC’s StreetSaver; and PAVER.
  • Performed work with more than 8 database and mapping applications.
  • Developed revolutionary data collection tools that set the standard for objective automated pavement surveys.
  • In addition to providing pavement management software and services, IMS operates an advanced, state-of-the-art fleet of data collection vehicles.

Our Equipment

Road Surface Testers (RST)
The RST is capable of collecting automated pavement condition data and right-of-way asset data in a single pass. The RST incorporates lasers; distance measuring instruments; accelerometers and rate gyroscopes; inertial navigation based GPS; and high resolution, forward, downward and side view digital images and video. Through the use of the pavement data collection vehicles’ laser-camera array, the RST collects objective pavement surface distress data, roughness, and rutting.

Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD)
FastFWDs and Dynaflects provide nondestructive, multi-sensor dynamic deflection data for pavement structure analysis. FWDs have a long history of collecting dependable, repeatable data, and may be used on asphalt and concrete roads.

Surface Friction Testers (SFT)
The SFT locked wheel friction tester measures the friction of roads, crosswalks, and bike lanes. High friction is important to the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists in dry and wet weather conditions.

Sidewalk Surface Testers (SST)
The SST is uniquely suited to assess the condition of sidewalk, pathways, and trails. The device can collect hundreds of linear miles quickly and efficiently. The data collected by the SST is critical in helping agencies stay ahead of legal liability and to ensure walkable, safe sidewalks.

Our fleet of automated data collection vehicles performs pavement surface distress surveys, rutting and roughness surveys, structural testing, multi-camera video logging, and is capable of creating and updating right of way asset inventories.


IMS has collected pavement condition data across USA and Canada since its formation in 1985. With a highly professional and specialized team, together with the latest technologies and software, IMS has become a recognized North American leader in pavement management and right of way asset management.

IMS Infrastructure Management Services, LP has been wholly owned by International Cybernetics Company, LP since 2022. The partnership brought together the practical know-how of IMS with the equipment and software expertise of ICC. Learn more about ICC.