Professional Team

Our combined IMS/ICC team is comprised of 90 employees, including 10 engineers of whom six have earned PhDs, eight independently certified pavement raters, and 18 data and GIS technicians focused exclusively on pavement and ROW asset management. The IMS technical team completes more than 100 pavement and asset management projects annually and stands second to none in their ability to establish cost effective maintenance management programs for large and small agencies alike. Over nearly four decades, they have earned a reputation for excellence while delivering thousands of projects to municipal clients across the United States and Canada. To date, IMS has completed projects for over 600 city and county agencies, 22 large-scale public works departments, and nine state agencies and transportation authorities. The team has supplied data for more than 15 different software platforms, ranging from their proprietary systems to 3rd party programs like Lucity, Deighton’s dTIMS, Hansen’s Street Module, Caregraph, MTC’s StreetSaver, PAVER, and StreetLogix.

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Kurt Keifer, PhD, PE

Kurt has 25 years of experience with pavement testing, analysis, engineering, and management. Throughout his career has been developing and integrating automated pavement imaging and road surface profiling hardware and software technologies.

Sadaf Khosravifar, PhD, PE

Senior Project Engineer
Sadaf is a professional engineer and researcher with over a decade of industrial and research experience in pavement engineering. Her background includes pavement evaluation, performance, design, pavement and asset management, and GIS.

Dave Bratton, PE

Project Engineer
Dave has over a decade of experience in pavement management involving condition assessment, prediction modeling, and budget evaluation. He has worked with pavement data collection, surface condition, and right of way asset acquisition.

Mostafa Nakhaei, PhD, EIT

Sr. Data Scientist | Project Engineer
Mostafa is a project engineer and Sr. Data Scientist at IMS. His 9-year career has been dedicated to pavement engineering, roadway construction, pavement management, pavement structural design, laboratory testing, FWD testing.

Amir Ghanbari, PhD, EIT

Project Engineer | Data Scientist
Amir has 9 years of experience with pavement management systems, non-destructive testing and falling weight deflectometer back calculations, pavement condition index analysis, pavement life cycle cost analysis and preservation techniques, pavement design, and more.

Megan Foshee, EIT

Project Engineer
Megan is a graduate of the Civil and Environmental Engineering master’s program at Auburn University. Her research at Auburn University’s NCAT focused on the structural analysis of several asphalt pavement test sections at the world-renowned Test Track.

Towhid Rahman, PhD, EIT

Project Engineer
Towhid received his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at NCAT at Auburn University. His professional career includes 8 years of experience with pavement materials, performance modeling of pavement preservation techniques, non destructive deflection testing and fast falling weight deflectometers.

Jim Tourek

West & South Region Client Services Manager
During his 10 plus years with IMS, Jim has been at the helm of pavement and right-of-way asset projects for clients ranging from small cities to large government municipalities having led over 300 successful pavement management assignments.

Nick Messick

Central Region Client Services Manager
Nick has led data collection efforts for IMS for on over 60 projects throughout the country, including surveys for pavement distressess, sidewalk condition, and asset inventories, performed project QC/QA, and is an OCTA certified pavement rater.