Professional Pavement Management


We’ve Got Street Smarts

With over 38 years on the road, and more than a million miles surveyed, we have the experience to help our clients manage pavement assets, optimize maintenance plans, and develop adequate budgets.

  • Pavement Condition Surveys
  • Structural Testing
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Treatment Optimization

Sidewalk Management

  • Sidewalk and Ramp Inventories
  • Sidewalk Condition
  • ADA Compliance Assessments
  • Asset Inventories
  • Asset Condition
  • Sign and Pavement Marking Reflectivity
  • GIS Consulting Services
  • PMS Training and Data Loading
  • Council Presentations
  • Software Integration
  • Data Visualization and Hosting
  • Smoothness Testing (Profiling)
  • Safety and Friction Testing