Pavement Management Services

Our experienced team of engineers and data analysts can help you get the most mileage out of your pavement management budget.

Road Surface Tester Rear

Data Collection

The IMS team owns and operates the largest fleet of Road Surface Tester (RST) data collection vehicles in the United States. The RSTs are equipped with specialized data collection technology, including second generation Laser Crack Measurement Systems (LCMS-2) and a Ladybug 5+ camera for collecting high definition right-of-way imagery. Additionally, the RST data is tracked through GIS which is used to create detailed maps of the entire network. Using this technology, the IMS crew collects information on pavement distresses and condition data for an entire network of roads.

Data Analysis

Following data collection, our professional team of OCTA certified pavement raters will delve deeper into the survey results to create accurate pavement performance models, and budget and rehabilitation suggestions. The analysis can be integrated into a wide variety of third party software applications including, but not limited to: PAVER, Lucity, Cartegraph, StreetSaver, and more.

Pavement Management Report

The IMS team, led by the project manager, create a detailed written report of the entire survey and analysis. The pavement data collection, analysis, GIS maps, and methodologies are documented and bound into a single report that can be used for planning, Construction Inspection Program (CIP) reporting, and Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 34 reporting. If requested, the report can also contain budget and pavement condition forecasts and recommended rehabilitation strategies.