Right of Way Asset Management Services

The health of assets including street signs, traffic signals, pavement stripings and markings, and curb and gutters are important to public safety. Intermittent inspections and rehabilitation plans are recommended

Road Surface Tester

Survey RST Data Collection

Our survey vehicles are outfitted with an array of HD cameras providing 360 degrees of continuously captured video and imagery of all right-of-way assets including street signs and supports, traffic lights, pavement markings and stripings, ADA ramps, bridges, fire hydrants, curb & gutter, speed bumps, benches, mailboxes, and more.

LiDAR Data Collection

Our LiDAR vehicle is equipped with a Ladybug 5+ camera system. The Ladybug camera provides a 360 degree viewing area and disperses one million laser points and 250 scan lines per second. This creates a spatially accurate 3D image of the agency’s right-of-way. The precise imagery allows for precise ADA ramp measurements and sidewalk condition data collection.

IMS LiDAR Vehicle

Asset Database Development

The IMS team uses GIS technology and the imagery captured during the right-of-way survey to create a Master Asset List (MAL) for each agency. The MAL is mapped to positionally accurate GPS locations and organized within an asset management system for ease of navigation.