Sidewalk Management Services

Our team of experienced engineers and data technicians can help you get the most mileage out of your pavement management budget

Sidewalk Condition Assessments

For sidewalk condition assessments, bike path, and alleyway assessments, IMS deploys Sidewalk Surface Testers (SST). SSTs are purpose-built field data collection units designed primarily for surveying municipal sidewalks and parking lots. With our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the IMS team gathers video, imagery, and GIS information to create a detailed overview of the agency’s sidewalk network.

The data can be used to determine the extent of sidewalk deterioration, sidewalk measurements including slope and width, and ADA compliance in a given area.


Our technology allow us to compile video footage linked with a GIS database. Images are categorized into specific groups organized by GIS and pavement condition. Specific examples of obstructions, ADA compliance, and distresses can be emphasized in accordance with client needs.

Sidewalk Database

Sidewalk Management Reports

IMS supplies agency managers with images, analysis results, maps, and GIS information in the form of a written report. The goal of the report is to help the agency and council members easily identify areas of concern and develop rehabilitation plans. The report can also be given in the form of a council presentation.